Hong Kong-based designer Yiu Yu Hoi turns his fast-paced city into a slow moving dream by the use of infrared photography. He first learned about this technique from photography forums which got him “totally fascinated” with how shockingly different he could make his city scenes appear.

Look through his photos and you’ll notice that Hoi seeks out trees in Hong Kong, making them look vibrant in their pink-ish tone. “The glowing trees can be obtained in-camera, but they are bluish straight out of camera,” he tells us. “A more natural reddish tone could be available by simply swapping Blue and Red channels in Photoshop. That is a very popular, yet powerful way to develop colored infrared photos.”

Infrared photography has the ability to show us what the eye cannot see, it’s the art of capturing invisible light. These days, digital photographers can use filters and image-editing software like Photoshop to achieve this otherworldly effect.


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